The both terms REMY HAIR and VERGIN HAIR are highly misleading and used synonymously, it is a common misconception where people use them interchangeably. Although both Remy hair and virgin hair are with different set of cases and also can be differentiate by their characteristics and features.

Remy hair VS Virgin hair

Here are some characteristics to differentiate the Remy hair and Virgin hair.

Chemical Processing: Virgin hair is considered as a completely unprocessed hair, it meets with some rigorous standards such as not been premed, dyed, colored, bleached and chemically processed in anyway. Instead the Remy hair is chemically treated or dyed for appearance enhancement.

Look and Texture: The color, look and shine that appears in virgin hair extensions is 100% natural, it also contain the texture originality, but in Remy hair after an acid bath it is coated with silicon to give a deceptive lovely shine and looking, and the texture is also can be modify according to need.

Hair Alignment: Generally in both Remy hair and virgin hair the hair cuticles are lined up and pointed in the same direction, the roots of the hair at the top and ends at the bottom just like the natural hair, but you can have Virgin hair with non aligned cuticles.

Maintenance: Virgin hair requires healthy care to maintain its look and feel. You need to care your extensions just like your own natural hair. In Remy hair extensions the maintenance is less compared to virgin. But it doesn’t mean that its look and texture remain same without proper maintenance.

Durability: In both hair types, the durability aspect is purely depends on the care and the way of individual use. If you maintain your extension properly, it will remain sleek, smooth, tangle free beautiful natural looking for a very long time. With a proper care you can use virgin hair for last up to a year and in the case of Remy hair it can be used for more than one.

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