Different Types of Hair Extensions

In physical appearance hair is one of the most crucial aspects, especially for women when it is a criterion of beauty for them. Every women wish to have enough hair to pull off a certain look. But due to our hectic schedule our crowning glory suffers from so many damages, and sometimes these damage turns to a big trouble. But thanks to advanced technologies which can overcome this trouble with various solutions.

The Hair Extension is one of those solutions which help to maintain the appearance glory, it can be added easily with various methods such as Weaving, Braiding, Fusion, Bonding, tape and Clip Ins and helps to enhance the natural beauty.

Here are some hair extension types with their basic factors which can help you to determine the best hair extension for you.

Clip Ins Hair Extensions: The Clip ins hair extension is very popular due to its easy to maintain feature, it is widely used with thin and fine hair. The application procedure of this extension is as easy as it sounds, that’s why it can be applied for daily use. One can clip the hair extension onto pieces of hair with small clips and these clips securely holds the place tightly and gives a natural look as original.




Weave Hair Extensions: In this type of hair extension the weaves are tightly braided into the hair close to the scalp, this makes them a more permanent option for adding volume and length to the natural hair. But as the weaves are tightly braided into the hairs it require a lot of care than the clip ins hair extensions.




Pre-Bonded Hair Extensions: This hair extension is also knows as strand by strand hair extension, it’s strands are bonded to the natural hair with various types of adhesives such as keratin, glue, plant based and petroleum. Unlike clip ins hair extensions it not use any type of clips or braids but tend to look remarkably natural. It is an excellent choice for people with lightly colored or thin hair.




Tape Hair Extensions: This type of hair extensions use two fold sided transparent tape, it is semi permanent and very quick to apply. The tape hair extension consists of sticky piece from which you can attach small amount of your hair, typically the extension seems sandwiched on either side of the natural hair and finish with placing hair extension over the upper level.


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