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Hair Structure

With human hair the hair shaft is made up of dead, hard protein, called keratin, in three layers. The inner layer is called the medulla. The next layer is the cortex and the outer layer is the cuticle.


The cortex makes up the majority of the hair shaft. There are pigment cells that are distributed throughout the cortex, giving the hair its characteristic colour.The cuticle is formed by tightly packed scales in an overlapping structure similar to roof shingles.The hair cuticle is the first line of defence against all forms of damage; it acts as a protective barrier for the softer inner structures.

Cross Section Of a Hair


Normal And Damaged Hair Cuticle

Normal and Damaged Hair Cuticle

The cuticle is also responsible for much of the mechanical strength of the hair fibre. A healthy cuticle is more than just a protective layer, as the cuticle also controls the water content of the fibre. Much of the shine that makes healthy hair so attractive is due to the cuticle.

We have a new concept in the processing of our coloured hair extensions. There is no acid treatment used on our coloured hair. The biological structure of the hair is not ruptured in any way. All processing is carried out by keeping the cuticles intact. This actually is more time consuming but we believe in bringing out the best results for obtaining the colours. Overall this is a very delicate procedure and trying to maintain the cuticles throughout the whole processing is very important and is handled with care by our skilled team of professionals.


Hair Structure Missing Cuticles

Hair Structure Missing Cuticles

Hair Structure Stripped Cuticle

Hair Structure Stripped Cuticle


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